Creating an FASD Informed Practice

About this Event

Casework for individuals with FASD cannot be done in isolation and the key component to creating a measure of success largely relies upon the construct of FASD Informed Practice. As such FASD Informed Practice requires a shift in thinking and a model of service delivery that is reliant upon all service partners – in collaboration with the caregiving/placement/living network – to ensure improved outcomes for these high needs individuals.

This workshop will provide training on leading practice in response to the complex care needs of individuals with FASD. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to recognize the complicated issues that surround alcohol-related disabilities and come to an understanding about what it means for their practice. Managing the complicated issues of FASD requires a multidisciplinary approach. This session will also explore techniques and tools to be an efficient and effective professional partner in this important work.

Donna Debolt is a social worker in private practice who translated her 30 years with Child Protection into working as an outspoken advocate for children and adults who have lifelong risks for health, development, learning and functional difficulties associated with prenatal exposure to alcohol. In her role as an FASD Specialist, Donna challenges communities through case management, advocacy and training to develop and implement prevention, intervention and management strategies so that families and communities can successfully cope and plan for useful futures for these high needs individuals.