Employment and FASD

An employment guide to help persons with FASD acquire and hold jobs, as well as to support employment professionals who interact with adults who have FASD, was developed by CANFASD and its partners. This guide was produced in response to a knowledge gap that existed in the community about employment and FASD.

The handbook is intended for use by employment professionals to guide their work as they assist clients in preparing for, acquiring, and maintaining employment. It is separated into two evaluation categories: well-being elements and job considerations. The section on work factors is broken up into three subsections: preparing for work, searching for employment, and maintaining employment.

Those affected by FASD have fluctuating requirements during the course of their lives. Adulthood comes with its own unique set of challenges that might make it difficult to maintain gainful employment. This guide was developed to assist employment professionals in understanding and addressing the strengths and needs of their clients who have FASD in order to promote the success of their clients throughout their work journeys.

It assists in locating the most suitable work opportunity for them based on their unique set of talents and requirements. In addition to this, it provides assistance to businesses in modifying their procedures, interactions, and expectations in order to operate more effectively with employees who have FASD.