NEAFAN’s 2022 theme for FASD Awareness Day and September FASD Month aligned with the FASD national theme of Building Strengths and Abilities.

NEAFAN held an event on September 9th from 10am to 3pm at the NEAFAN offices in Fort McMurray to celebrate and recognize our FASD clients’ talents, strengths, interests, and abilities. Attendees laced up red shoes in alignment with the national campaign for FASD Awareness Day.

Shine a Light on FASD Awareness

This year various Canadian monuments and landmarks were rocking red for FASD Awareness Day to shine a light on and raise public awareness and discussion of this disability. Key landmarks across the country were lit up red on September 9th in honour of FASD Awareness Day. In Fort Mac, the highly visible Saline Creek Bridge was lit up red to honour FASD Awareness Day and the Red Shoes Rock campaign. At night NEAFAN staff gathered on the bridge sporting their red shoes and smiles. Also, NEAFAN requested that the mayor and council of Fort McMurray publicly proclaim and recognize Sept 9th as FASD Awareness Day in the municipal region. 

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a lifelong disability that affects the brain and body of people who were exposed to alcohol in the womb. Each person with FASD has both strengths and challenges and will need special supports to help them succeed with many different parts of their daily lives.