NEAFAN FASD Clinic Referral Package

Thank you for your interest in the North East Alberta FASD Assessment Clinic. The following package contains an overview of what to expect during this process, the referral form and our contact information.

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*Please note that all adult clients must have a Designated Support Person to assist them through the clinic process. The intent of the designated representative is to ensure the client has the best opportunity to apply the recommendations from the assessment. *

Who is the Clinic for?

The FASD Clinic is for children (age 7+) and adults experiencing difficulties that are suspected to be a result of prenatal exposure to alcohol. These individuals may have difficulty with education, social skills, organization, employment and independent living.

*Confirmation of prenatal alcohol exposure is required. The clinic Lead can assist in gathering this information.*

How does an individual access the clinic? Who can refer?

A referral is needed to access the clinic. The referring person can be a professional working with the client (including advocates from agencies that are associated with NEAFAN), health care and other agency professionals, or personal sources including family, adoptive parents, guardians, or caregivers.

Self-referrals can also be accepted provided the individual is connected to supports and has a designated representative to assist them through the application and assessment process.

What happens after the referral is submitted?

The client’s information is reviewed by the Clinic Lead, and an interview will be completed with the referral source.  If pre-screening requirements are met, the client and their representative will attend an intake meeting to complete consents for the clinic to access records including health and educational records, as well as other relevant documentation such as mental health and social service records; as well as contact their sources for confirmation of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure. It may take up to three months or longer for these records to be received.  An extensive record review determines if the client fits the Canadian diagnostic criteria for FASD.  Once Prenatal Alcohol Exposure is confirmed and all other information is obtained, the client is placed on the waitlist and required to check in with clinic quarterly (personally, or representative) to keep their file active. 

*If there is no contact with a client/representative for 6 months, they will be removed from the waitlist.

How is FASD Diagnosed?

This clinic uses The Canadian Guideline for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: a guideline for diagnosis across the lifespan 2015).

FASD is diagnosed by considering evidence of a number of criteria, including the extent of brain damage in individuals exposed to alcohol during gestation. Not all individuals exposed to alcohol during gestation have an FASD. Not all referrals will go forward for assessment if the obtained documentation does not support the diagnostic criteria.

*Not all applications will proceed for a full assessment/diagnosis. *

What happens in the assessment process?

The assessment team includes a Clinic Lead, Psychologist/Physician and auxiliary members. The team will work with the client/family, their representative, and any other support people that they would like to involve.

The assessment will consist of at least 2-3 sessions and more time may be required for further consultation.

Clients and/or their family members/caregivers will be interviewed by the Clinic Lead.

Clients will complete approximately 6-8 hours of testing (over 2-3 days) with the Clinicians to assess abilities.

The Physician will conduct a health screen and examine facial features that are sometimes seen with prenatal alcohol exposure.

How will the results of the assessment be provided?

Clients may or may not receive an FASD diagnosis, however the results of the assessment will be shared with the client and their representatives. Clients and their support people will have an opportunity to learn about their strengths and areas of difficulty, and recommendations will be provided that will include linkages to services and supports. The representative will help with the implementation of the recommendations.

Included in this package:

• Assessment Clinic overview

• Referral Information Form

• Consent for Representative (for Adult Clinic Clients only)

Please send the completed package via email, fax, or mail as below:

FASD Clinical Services

Clinic Lead – Kerri Power


Phone: 780-750-6678

Fax: 780-750-6681 Mail: 829-600 Signal Road, Fort McMurray AB, T9H 3Z4

Download NEAFAN FASD Clinic Referral Package