The Prevention Conversation: Closing the Loop

The Prevention Conversation is an innovative approach that focuses on the unique role healthcare professionals and social service providers can play in engaging women of childbearing age in supportive and non-judgemental conversations about alcohol use and pregnancy. Many women will be baffled or misled by the conflicting messages they’ve heard about drinking during pregnancy. Whether the conversation is a two minute dialogue in a doctor’s office or a deep discussion with a private therapist, The Prevention Conversation needs to keep the focus on the FASD prevention message.

It is important to close the loop on the prevention conversation with the message that alcohol consumption while pregnant can cause body and brain damage. For that reason, it’s safest not to drink alcohol during pregnancy.

Free training is available through the FASD Service Networks for anyone interacting with women of childbearing age. The Prevention Conversation continues to increase community awareness about FASD, raise the profile of the FASD Service Networks and strengthen community partnerships.