Prevention Conversation

Prevention Conversation- A Shared Responsibility. The program aims to raise awareness of FASD and Prevention among target populations including Healthcare and Social Service Providers, Women of Childbearing Age(18-45), Partners, Families and Friends. The Project is geared towards highlighting the importance of screening all women in child bearing age for alcohol use and risks associated with FASD, improve supports for these women and promote involvement of community members and primary care providers. The Prevention Conversation is aimed at encouraging a community wide awareness of FASD and prevention, developing the skills within the community to engage in non-judgmental, empathetic conversations about alcohol use during pregnancy. The Prevention Conversation is centered around increasing our knowledge of FASD, training service providers on the use of screening tools to engage women in the Prevention Conversation. To book a Prevention Conversation presentation, please contact:

Amy Tobin

FASD Prevention Conversation Facilitator

 McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Assoc.

Fort McMurray, AB