Support Programs

Women’s Wellness Program. The Women’s Wellness program through the Centre of Hope assists homeless women to access health care and provides outreach services. The program aims to support women to make healthy choices and prevent FASD.

PCAP Program. Parent Child Assistance Program (PCAP) is a voluntary 3 year mentorship program. Mentors provide practical support and work individually with mothers to ensure a stable environment. The program aims to support women to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

Supportive Housing through the Center of Hope. Captain’s Place is a supportive housing initiative for homeless men who are suspected to have a diagnoses/or have already been diagnosed with FASD. While at Captain’s Place, the men are supported by a small team which takes a client focused and holistic approach to mentoring.

Outreach and Support for Individuals and Caregivers. Supports for FASD in Northeast Alberta are programs and services available in both the urban and rural community, aimed at enabling individuals to reach their potential, as well as supports and assistance to families and caregivers of individuals affected by FASD. Based on the client’s needs, outreach workers will work to address needs, set goals and work to achieve them, to enhance positive outcomes. Support services promote the development and well-being of individuals and caregivers to promote healthy communities.

FM Outreach

To assist and support individuals affected by FASD and their families/caregivers.

Rural Outreach

Providing outreach services to outlying rural communities.

Supports include:

  • education and training about FASD
  • FASD-informed support services for people with FASD and their caregivers
  • outreach support and mentorship
  • life skills programs
  • justice-related supports such as youth programs and corrections outreach
  • employment support
  • supportive housing