Suspecting FASD?

If you suspect you have FASD or if you suspect that someone you know has an FASD, the information below will help you understand how diagnosis would help. Diagnosis is an important step in getting the help you need.

How is FASD diagnosed? Is there one test?


No, there is not a single test for FASD. It takes a (multidisciplinary) team of medical professionals to make a diagnosis of FASD. The team will gather a comprehensive history of your life and your mother’s pregnancy. They will do a number of different types of assessments and talk with you about what having FASD might mean for you ensuring that you are informed about the process, potential outcomes and are ready to do the FASD Diagnosis and Assessment process.

Why would I want to know if I have FASD?


Most people who have an FASD have experienced many challenges and struggles in their life. Those who get a medical diagnosis of FASD,  often say that getting the diagnosis gave them a sense of relief. They realize they are not “stupid” or “bad” people. Instead, they are people who have a medical condition and they start to accept their need to get the right kind of help and support so they can do well and succeed in life.  A medical diagnosis gives you information about yourself, your brain and allows you to get this help and support.

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