The Prevention Conversation: Tools to Support Conversations with Pregnant Women

In collaboration with CanFASD, the FASD Prevention Conversation Project offers an online training program for front-line health and social service professionals to provide them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to engage their clients/patients/communities in a supportive and non-judgemental conversation about alcohol use during pregnancy, its lasting effects on the developing child, and resources and supports available to women of childbearing age.

This course discusses FASD prevention by providing information about the risks of alcohol use during pregnancy as well as considerations to support women in a way that promotes healthy relationships with professionals and promotes safety and health in all facets of their lives.

By completing this training course, facilitators will:

Have an understanding of the FASD Prevention Conversation: A Shared Responsibility program; it’s history and evolution.

Understand the complex reasons why a woman may drink when pregnant and have the tools to support conversations with pregnant women.

Be able to apply and tailor the key messages of “The Prevention Conversation.”

Feel confident/comfortable to engage in brief empowering conversations to prevent alcohol-exposed pregnancy among women ages 18-45.

Be able to conduct universal screening for alcohol consumption with pregnant women and women of childbearing age.

Understand and be comfortable discussing harm reduction strategies if a woman chooses to continue drinking in pregnancy

Know how to connect with local and provincial resources regarding messages of “The Prevention Conversation.”